Quick Ideas for Making History Fun!

by Cindy Rushton
Ultimate Homeschool Expo

Want to make the new school year better than ever? Want studies
that are interesting for the whole family? I think I can help you!

How about some quick tips for making your history studies fun? I
think you will find these to make lessons fun and easy. Let’s dig

* Get Out to See History as Much as Possible…  Hunt up any
Living History Days scheduled in your area.  Get out to all
historical sites and museums…even hands-on children’s museums.
Don’t miss any historical reenactments and plays within driving
distance! These all give wonderful opportunities to get your
children in touch with those that love History and know it best.

*  Begin a History Notebook… This is the cure to dull, lifeless
texts.  Let your children create their own notebooks of study!
Include anything from great quotes to poetry to pictures to
sketches to newspaper clippings to photographs to mementos from
history sites, reenactments and postcards from friends to
narrations from books read.  These personalized curricula will
bring life into all areas of study.

* Tap Into Grandparents, Elderly, Family, and Friends… Our
family and friends have been a key source of finding out neat
stories that are not recorded in the history books. Sitting at
their feet, we have learned many details from history that would be
long lost without the gift of story telling. The key to making this
come alive is to listen and record their stories for your History
Notebooks. Keep this part of history alive for you and for
generations to come!

* Find Treasures at Antique Stores… One of our favorite
past-times is “junking” at antique stores, junk shops and flea
markets.  Take your time to find wonderful treasures from the past,
which will breathe life into your History studies.  You can find
journals, uniforms, books, dress up clothes, and even play gadgets
to make history come alive for your little ones!

* Let the Little Ones Make Up Their Own Costumes… I have always
enjoyed researching and creating authentic costumes from other time
periods.  I used to have more time and energy to create costumes
for every time period we studied.  Now, my children are using their
extra time and endless supply of energy to create their own
costumes.  I love to see them as they pull together little things
from around the house to create their own costumes!

* Let Them Make Doll Clothes… This tangent began for us when my
daughter got her first American Girl doll.  We combined my love of
creating authentic doll clothes with my deep passion for making
doll clothes.  Each year for the past five years, I have spent time
each December creating matching outfits for Elisabeth and her
dolls.  This is easy to do with today’s patterns.  Just take basic
designs and create your own “historical” costumes for the dolls.
If you have a beginning seamstress interested in some quick
projects, this would be a wonderful way to learn the basics of
sewing while learning History!

* Make a Timeline…Timelines are priceless!  We have had two
different kinds of timelines for our studies in History.  We had a
huge one that took up an entire wall in our old home. It was
fascinating to watch the little ones as they would “review” and
“test” each other on history as they went by! When we built our
home, my husband would not allow that one back on the wall, so we
made our own Book of Centuries on our computer, which includes all
of our history facts. We simply developed a notebook with the dates
marked.  We record key events, people we study and the key events
of their life, our family’s key events, illustrations which remind
the children of those historical figures and events, pictures that
the children have collected from books and trips that we have
taken, information from our Computer Encyclopedias and Internet
Sites, and even charts we have collected or made ourselves. These
are another “text” that we create about our studies. How priceless!

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Take a Leap of Faith

Faith is apart of our daily lives. When you get up in the morning you have faith that if you throw a ball in the air it will come down. If you have an ice cube and set it in the sun you have faith that it will melt. We have faith in many things but when God wants us to do something for him we give excuses for taking action.

For many years I have come up with excuses and passed by opportunities that God had for me. It is easier to say that we don’t have time than to step out of our comfort zone. This year the Lord is helping me take a leap of faith.

I felt the Lord leading me in a new direction but I needed guidance in where to start. That is when I learned about Faith Leaps. Starting with the first lesson I was encouraged and inspired to follow the Lord’s leading. Alyssa, the creator of Faith Leaps, gives clear and helpful advice based on scripture to build your confidence and achieve your dreams. The lessons in this course will not only grow your spiritual life but train you to minister to others. I am thankful that I could be a part of this training!

This program has been a tremendous help and guide for me. If the Lord is leading you to take a leap of faith, do it today! I want to encourage you to read below about my friend Alyssa, her leap of faith, and Faith Leaps program.

Taking the Leap of Faith                                                                                                                by Aylssa Avant

Everything in me said “don’t do it” but for some reason I knew I was suppose to. Nothing really made sense about it, yet I knew it was from God. What you’re wondering, the leap of faith I was about to take. Though it was hard to rationalize, understand or see clearly I knew I had to take it. I was going to “step out of my comfort zone and into God’s hands”. I was going to let go of my life and put it in to God’s hands.

Stepping out on faith is never easy to do, but it is definitely worth the step, the leap, the anxiety. You may hear that still small voice, you may feel that invisible push, but somehow you just know, God is calling, God is prodding, He is waiting for you to take the leap.

Many people today are hearing that call, but few are answering. It is like Scripture says, “the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” Are you going to answer God’s call and go bring in the sheaves or are you going to sit there and wait, or sit there and do nothing?

Since taking my “giant leap of faith” as I call it almost 2 years ago I have seen God’s hands working in my life more than ever before. It is like when I let go, he took over right where I let go. No beat was missed, no stone was left unturned, everything was put into place as he saw fit.

Was it easy every minute of the last two years, well of course not, but it sure was worth it. The experiences have been life-changing, fulfilling and meaningful. Would I go back to the way my life was before? No way.

If you are feeling called to take a “leap of faith”, especially into an area of ministry, especially if God is calling you to use your voice, whether audibly through speaking or through the written word then I want to talk to you! I want to help you, equip you and encourage you.

I want to share my story and what I’ve learned with you through a membership program I have put together called Faith Leaps. Faith Leaps is designed to help you take the leap of faith into speaking, writing and ministry. Whether you believe you should leap into one or all three of those areas. Click Here!

Come on over and look around, see if you’re ready to take the leap.

Alyssa Dees Avant is a Christian writer, speaker and blogger. She is passionate about ministry. Founding Beauty by Design Ministries to reach out to girls who are pressured and confused by the messages of style, fashion, and beauty. She is launching Faith Leaps to help others begin their journeys and fulfill their calls and dreams. She is married with three precious children all under the age of 5.

A Hope And A Future by Katrina L Wampler

A Hope and a Future by Katrina L Wampler is an excellent and inspiring book. As I read through it I couldn’t wait to find out what would happen next. No matter what season of life you are in it will keep you interested. When you think you know what will happen an unexpected twist comes along. As you read this book it’s an inspiration to look at your life and let God direct your path.

An entire platoon is violently taken hostage in Irag, and only Nicholas makes it out alive, but not without a price. Jessica has spent her life running from a past she can’t seem to forget. They come together as nurse and patient, resulting in a whirlwind romance that will forever alter their lives.

A tightly woven group of friends each struggle to overcome their own secrets of a well hidden past that, like a thief, steals their dreams. Vague memories of Nicholas Watson’s past seem to lead only to trouble. Through a series of traumatic events, this group of friends works to hang onto their faith in Christ, each believing in the promise he offers for a hope and a future.

I highly recommend this book and the author Katrina L Wampler. She is a Christian with a giving heart and love for others.

Go here http://www.katlogictalk.com/bookstore.html to read a sample and buy your autographed copy today.

You can also find out more about Katrina at:

http://katrinawampler.wordpress.com/ and http://www.katlogictalk.com/